The MPOG team has created documentation and helpful guides that will assist sites as they onboard. 

MPOG Roles and Responsibilities

Quality Champion
Anesthesiology Clinical Quality Reviewer (ACQR)

Presentation Templates 

MPOG Power Point Sample Template
MPOG Poster Sample Template


MPOG DataDirect Attestation
MPOG Website Access SignNow Attestation
DataDirect 2.2 User Guide
MPOG Manuscript Checklist 
PCRC Proposal Cover Sheet
PCRC Proposal Template
PCRC Proposal Template with Cover Sheet
PCRC Proposal Checklist
Query Spec Template
Sample IRB for Individual Projects
Standardized Data File User Guide 2021
Standardized Data File Appendix 1 (Phenotypes) 2021
Standardized Data File Appendix 2 (Measures) 2021

Regulatory and Legal

BAA Template University of Michigan
IRB Approval Letter MPOG Coordinating Site (Expires 10-26-2024)
IRB Approval Letter MPOG Participating Site (Expires 8-21-2024)
IRB MPOG Performance Site Application Example
IRB MPOG Protocol 
MPOG Bylaws – Read Only Link
MPOG Bylaws – SignNow Link
MPOG Master DUA (Europe)
MPOG Master DUA (Michigan Sites)
MPOG Master DUA (Sites Outside Michigan)
MPOG Service Agreement Master Template

Technical Guides
Case Validation
Case Viewer
Intake Form
Location Mapping
Maintenance Schedule 2024
MPOG Application Suite 
MPOG Database Roles
MPOG File Checker User’s Guide
MPOG Import Manager Assistant
MPOG Import Manager Playbook
NSQIP Import Tool
PHI Scrubber
STS Import Tool
Sample IT Job Posting
Server Requirements
Transfer To MPOG Central
Variable Mapping

Technical Scripts and Utilities

Clarity Sample Queries
Epic Transfer SSIS Packages

Technical Specifications

MPOG Import Manager File Specification

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