MPOG Quality Improvement

MPOG QI improves outcomes by empowering perioperative teams to explore variation in practice and identify opportunities for change. Informed by our complementary Research mission, we develop measures to assess performance, build tools to disseminate the best available evidence, and create dashboards to facilitate benchmarking. Providers are engaged in the process through individual measure reports that link performance with practice. We aim to foster collaboration between sites, working together to advance the quality of care delivered.   


We include all cases requiring anesthetic care; no sampling. All data is reviewed and cleaned, and a limited dataset (no PHI, except date-of-service) is uploaded to the MPOG registry.

Data Granularity

Includes physiologic, ventilator, medication, preoperative, and postoperative data; from 4 hours before Anesthesia Start to 6 hours after Anesthesia End.


The MPOG Quality Committee is comprised of anesthesia providers and quality experts from around the world to develop metrics and design initiatives to improve the way anesthesia care is delivered.

Integrated Surgical Registries

MPOG supports the integration of data from both national and local surgical data registries, such as: STS, NSQIP, and Michigan based Collaborative Quality Initiatives (CQIs).

Academic & Community Hospitals

Our members range from large academic centers to small community hospitals. This diversity in practice creates a rich learning environment.


MPOG has developed institutional and provider feedback applications and tools that enable participants to analyze performance and implement QI programs.

Provider Feedback E-mail

Our Tools

QI Reporting Tool


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Our Measures

MPOG QI has built more than 30 measures to track both processes and outcomes associated with procedures requiring anesthesia.

QI Committees

The Quality Committee is comprised of Quality Champions and QI experts from MPOG sites. This group meets both virtually and in-person and serves as the primary governance body for MPOG QI.

Measure Reviewers

Measure Reviewers dedicate their expertise and time to ensure that our measures represent the best available evidence and current standards care.

Michigan Hospitals

ASPIRE is funded in part by Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan (BCBSM) as part of their Collaborative Quality Initiative (CQI) program.

Quality Resources

Created to assist sites in navigating the MPOG QI process: Basecamp, Maintenance Schedule, Training Manuals, MQUARK


The Coordinating Center periodically releases QI toolkits to assist sites with their quality improvement efforts. To dates, we've released the following toolkits: Acute Respiratory Complications, Perioperative Transfusion Stewardship, SSI and AKI.


We offer MOCA 2.0® Part 4 credits for eligible providers from MPOG participating institutions who receive monthly provider e-mails.

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