MPOG Membership

Does your organization or hospital currently use an electronic health record to document anesthesia care? It takes a bit of effort and money to join MPOG, but in return you will be able to participate in impactful research projects and innovative quality improvement programs. 


The goal of MPOG research is to accelerate outcomes research, investigate perioperative adverse events and publish in high impact journals to advance knowledge and improve patient care.


Our goal is to improve the care of patients undergoing anesthesia by reducing unexplained variation in practice and collaborating with anesthesia providers to define best practices.


MPOG holds several meetings per year that allow us to share new ideas, learn from our colleagues, and work with industry leaders to create a rich learning environment.


By combining data with a culture of collaboration, MPOG creates an environment of performance improvement and research using priorities driven by its members.


More than 17 million anesthetic cases integrated across over 60 hospitals represent the most comprehensive and detailed global perioperative anesthesiology registry.


MPOG uses electronic health record and administrative data to analyze the interplay between patient co-morbidities, surgical procedure, perioperative care, interventions, and postoperative outcomes.

MPOG Tiers of Participation

Tier A: MPOG Research + Department Quality Improvement (QI)

Tier B: MPOG Research + Departmental QI  + Provider Feedback

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Funding Requirements Non-Michigan Hospitals

Hospitals outside the state of Michigan will be responsible for costs to implement MPOG as well as yearly fees to defray staff costs at the Coordinating Center.

Recruitment and Funding (Michigan Hospitals)

Hospitals from Michigan are eligible to receive funding from BCBSM to participate with MPOG. Sites will need to submit an application and go through recruitment.

Steps to Join

Joining MPOG requires time and resources. This effort is rewarded with the ability to participate in impactful research projects and innovative quality improvement programs.

Minimum Data Requirements

In order to participate with MPOG, each site must submit a minimum list of data elements. Every anesthesiology documentation system uses different data elements, we have compiled the minimum data elements to participate.

Welcome New Active Sites

Contains more details and contact information to access MPOG data and learn how you can get the maximum benefits from yourr data.

Surgical Registry Integration

Currently, local National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) and Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) data can be uploaded and merged with your MPOG data.

For any inquiries please email