About MPOG

The Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group (MPOG) is a consortium of more than 50 hospitals.  We seek to improve patient care using electronic healthcare data.  Since its inception in 2008 MPOG has developed policies, procedures, and the technical infrastructure required to conduct large scale research, create quality improvement initiatives, educate caregivers, and guide healthcare administration.

Our story

We Are

MPOG uses electronic health record and administrative data to analyze the interplay between patient comorbidities, surgical procedure, perioperative care, interventions, and postoperative outcomes. By combining data with a culture of collaboration, MPOG creates an environment of performance improvement and research using priorities driven by its members. More than 16 million anesthetic cases integrated across >55 hospitals represent the most comprehensive and detailed global perioperative anesthesiology registry.

Our dedicated team of clinicians, quality improvement experts, software developers,  statisticians, researchers, and administrators uses its expertise to conduct about 20 prospective, retrospective and enhanced observational trials at any given time.  We take a data-driven, collaborative approach to transform perioperative care through:

  • Assessing measure variation
  • Benchmarking ourselves to identify and implement best practices
  • Informing the practice of evidence-based medicine
  • Improving health resource utilization
  • Guiding health policy development
  • Building collaborative relationships across specialties, professions and hospitals




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Our Team

The MPOG Coordinating Center Team consists of doctors, nurses, programmers, statisticians, researchers and administrative staff.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of anesthesiology department chairs or head of practice of active/contributing member institutions.

Member Hospitals

MPOG consists of >55 member hospitals from across the United States and two in Europe.

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