Trajectories of Recovery after Intravenous propofol vs. inhaled VolatilE anesthesia

THRIVE is a multicenter, patient-level, parallel group, pragmatic comparative effectiveness, randomized control trial evaluating the superiority of propofol TIVA over inhaled volatile general anesthesia. This initiative is supported by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The project will leverage the existing MPOG infrastructure, with the University of Michigan serving as the Data Coordinating Center, and Washington University St. Louis serving as the Clinical Coordinating Center. 

The project is expected to last 6.5 years, during which time 12,500 patients will be enrolled at approximately 22 MPOG sites. Adult patients undergoing elective non-cardiac surgeries lasting longer than 60 minutes, using general anesthesia either as inpatients or ambulatory cases will be eligible. 

By comparing propofol TIVA and inhaled volatile anesthesia, the THRIVE team hopes to improve patient outcomes, by determining whether one of the two tested general anesthesia techniques benefits quality of recovery and functional status, while assessing any impact on risk of delirium, intraoperative awareness with recall, kidney injury, respiratory failure and mortality.

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