MOCA 2.0® Part 4

ASPIRE offers MOCA 2.0® Part 4 credit for eligible providers from MPOG participating institution who are currently receiving monthly provider e-mails.  Providers who attest to reviewing their feedback email and case information on a monthly basis for 12-months are eligible to receive up to 25 points.  

For more information on the MOCA 2.0® Part 4 program, see the ABA website.

Click here to view the MOCA 2.0® Part 4 Attestation Guide. 


Providers must already participate in MPOG's provider e-mail feedback program through their institution.


Enrollment fees: $250 per provider. Fees are paid upon enrollment. The fees are non-refundable and are used to cover administrative costs to maintain the MPOG MOCA program.

For departments interested in enrolling multiple providers (> 50 providers) simultaneously, please contact the Coordinating Center

Choose 5 Measures

Providers can select a maximum of five measures and will receive five points per measure. To receive the full five points per measure, the provider must examine failed cases for each elected measure and attest to reviewing their performance feedback report for 12-months. Please note: Providers have 18-months to complete 12 attestations.


The provider attestation will begin the month following enrollment*


Once the provider has completed 12 attestations, MPOG will calculate the total number of points to be awarded and send the information to the ABA. The certification will added to the provider's report in their ABA portal.


Providers from an MPOG participating institution who would like to enroll in MPOG's MOCA program

Check MOCA Status

Providers enrolled with MPOG MOCA program who would like to check their current MOCA status

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