Research Mission

MPOG Research systematically transforms real-world perioperative health data into actionable knowledge through timely and innovative research projects. This work is facilitated by providing resources for research to be completed using the MPOG data registry. We seek to disseminate findings via high-impact journals and professional forums, and implement knowledge for improving patient care via our complementary Quality Improvement mission.

Complete Patient Capture

Get data with “true denominators”, through non-sampled capture of all anesthetics performed at participating sites.

Data Granularity

Take advantage of minute-to-minute physiologic, medication, and ventilator data available within the most well-monitored of real-world health settings.


Benefit from reviews by high-impact journal editors and thought-leaders, during malleable, early design stages of research projects prior to manuscript submission.

Integrated Surgical Registries

Link granular MPOG intraoperative process-of-care data with rigorously reviewed surgical registry outcomes data, to perform highly innovative and informative research.

Academic & Community Hospitals

Leverage data obtained from both university-affiliated and community hospitals, reflective of care processes across a wide continuum of healthcare delivery systems.

Comprehensive Research Tools

Use powerful, user-friendly research tools which democratize access to big data: including query design, curation, visualization, and analysis.

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Consultation Research

Schedule a meeting with MPOG Research team members to discuss a current or proposed project.

Research Proposal Process

Follow a step-by-step guide for transforming an MPOG research idea into a high-impact journal publication.

Standardize Data File

The standardized data file is a pre-packaged MPOG dataset that is ready to distribute quickly after an approved PCRC proposal.

PCRC Review

The Perioperative Clinical Research Committee (PCRC) coordinates the clinical research efforts for MPOG.

Preparing Your Manuscript

Guidelines to follow prior to journal submission.

Discussion Forum

MPOG Research uses Basecamp Forum to share ideas, gather feedback, and track progress of projects.

Current Projects (login required)

Catalog of all previous research proposals with detailed critiques and project stages (login required).


MPOG has become a leader in perioperative research and we have publications in high impact medical journals.


THRIVE is a multicenter, patient-level, parallel group, pragmatic comparative effectiveness, randomized control trial evaluating the superiority of propofol TIVA over inhaled volatile general anesthesia.

Research Initiatives

MPOG combines data with other sources such as surveys and mobile health data (PROSPER) to serve as a platform for enhanced observational studies (EOS) and clinical trials (IMPACT).

Tips & Tricks

Tutorials from clinicians and developers at MPOG Coordinating Center on how to execute innovative and rigorous research using MPOG data.

Outcomes Research Fellowship

A unique opportunity for a researcher from an MPOG participating site to join MPOG for a one-year fellowship.

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