Tips & Tricks

See the video series from the MPOG central team below on how to use research tools and processes to their full potential for high-impact research.

MPOG Research Process Overview

See the MPOG research machine from a “high-altitude” perspective, including a roadmap to tools and processes described in more detail in additional videos.

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Developing an Answerable
Research Question

Understand strengths and limitations of the MPOG database, including what types of research questions MPOG data is uniquely suited to answer.

Using DataDirect for
Self-Serve Data Access

Observe a demonstration of MPOG DataDirect in action – an intuitive, user-friendly tool placing data at researchers’ fingertips.

DataDirect User Guide
DataDirect Security Checklist and Authorization Form

Developing a Research Proposal

Watch a narrated walkthrough of research proposal development, from the inception of a research question, to an MPOG committee-approved proposal.

Transforming Raw Data into
Clinical Inferences: Phenotypes

Understand the steps MPOG takes to transform messy real-world health data into clinically useful inferences.

Phenotype Browser

Inspecting & Curating MPOG Data

Use data visualization tools to inspect MPOG data for outliers and aberrancies, and efficiently curate data into cleaned datasets.

Big Data Management

Review the high-performance computing environment which supports the rapid, secure analysis of high-dimensional MPOG data.

Statistics for Large Database Research

Understand the most common statistical techniques applied to MPOG large observational database research.

Writing MPOG Research for Academic Journals

Learn tips for distilling complex MPOG analyses into succinct, clear messages which can inform a broad readership at high-impact clinical journals.

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