Quality Committee

Primary governance over MPOG QI (also known as ASPIRE) activities occurs within our Quality Committee, comprised of Quality Champions and QI experts from our member sites.  This group approves all measures and provides guidance to the coordinating center QI team.

The purpose of the MPOG Quality Committee is to:

  • Discuss new and existing MPOG quality improvement initiatives
  • Review existing MPOG quality improvement measures
  • Review clinical performance, best practices, and opportunities for improvement 
  • Inform active MPOG sites on important matters of interest

Participants in the MPOG Quality Committee include:

  • Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, Anesthesia Assistants, Anesthesia Clinical Quality Reviewers (ACQRs), and QI managers from active MPOG sites. 
  • Quality improvement representatives from sites interested or in the process of joining MPOG may attend as non-voting attendees at the discretion of the MPOG coordinating center
  • The MPOG coordinating center may invite other interested experts to participate as non-voting attendees

The MPOG Quality Committee requires votes on the following matters

  • Specification for new quality improvement measures
  • Update, continuation, or retirement of existing measures
  • Ad hoc decisions as deemed appropriate by the MPOG coordinating center

Voting in the MPOG Quality Committee will be governed by the following rules

  • Attendance by majority (>50%) of active sites required for valid election
  • Only one vote per active site.  The MPOG Quality Champion or designee (must be anesthesiologist / CRNA / CAA)  will determine the vote.  The Quality Champion must inform the coordinating center of the designee prior to the meeting.
  • >50% of votes required to approve new measure or retire existing measure
  • Plurality of votes required to continue or modify an existing measure
  • Decisions may be voted on either during MPOG Quality Committee meetings or outside of meetings (by virtual ballot), as determined by the Coordinating Center.

The MPOG Coordinating Center and Quality Committee may develop subcommittees or workgroups to provide guidance, and create a forum to discuss quality improvement initiatives in specific areas of anesthesiology

  • These subcommittees (for example, pediatric anesthesiology) are able to propose new QI initiatives (measures),  and retire/modify measures that fall into their domain (as adjudicated by the MPOG Quality Committee)
  • Subcommittee leadership will consist of an chair (anesthesiologist) and a coordinating center lead.  The subcommittee and/or coordinating center may elect to add a defined term of service or co-chair role for any subcommittee.  The chair may be selected by the coordinating center or elected by subcommittee members at the discretion of the coordinating center
  • Subcommittee members must be nominated by the MPOG site quality champion or department chair / practice leader.  Subcommittee members are eligible to vote, but may nominate a designee in their absence, as long as the coordinating center is informed prior to the subcommittee meeting.
  • Participation and voting rights will generally follow MPOG Quality committee rules, with 1 vote per site, and majority of votes needed to approve a new measure or retire an existing measure.

Interested in Attending?

The MPOG Quality Committee meets both virtually and in-person.  Voting members consist of Quality Champions from each active site.  Additionally, MPOG welcomes ad-hoc attendees with approval from the coordinating center.   If you or your organization is interested in learning more about MPOG QI, please contact the Coordinating Center for more information. 

For any inquiries please email