MPOG requires a yearly fee schedule to defray staff costs at the Coordinating Center.  The fee schedule will comprise of the following tiers, based on each sites level of participation with MPOG.

  • Tier 1 : MPOG Analytics, $10k.  Tier 1 sites will be provided technical infrastructure to submit data to MPOG, conduct data analysis, and participate in MPOG scholarly activities.  Sites will have access to use DataDirect for cohort identification and data download.
  • Tier 2: MPOG Analytics + Departmental QI, $15k.  Tier 2 sites participate in everything with Tier 1, plus practice leaders will have access to the institutional ASPIRE dashboard, and participate in Quality Committee.
  • Tier 3: MPOG Analytics + Department QI + Provider Feedback. $15k + $100/provider/year capped at max total of $25k/year  Tier 3 sites participate in Tier 1 and 2 activities, plus receive individual provider feedback, with individual provider access to the ASPIRE dashboard.  Tier 3 also enables sites to offer MOCA Pt IV credit to their providers.

Fees will only be initiated 6 months after first upload to the MPOG central repository.

Resources Needed for Implementation

During the implementation phase (~6 months) sites should allocate clinical, IT and project management resources. These resources will be necessary whether you plan to participate in the research or quality improvement missions of MPOG. Based on previous experience we recommend that a clinical resource is allocated at approximately 0.4 FTE during implementation and 0.2 FTE once the extract is completed and a site is live. Clinical resources can include clinical research coordinator, quality improvement nurse, CRNA, or anesthesiologist.

The anesthesia information management system that you have in your hospital can affect the resources required for implementation. We have worked with Epic to build an extract from Epic to MPOG that you can install at your site with the help of your Epic Technical Services (TS) representative. We also have significant experience with GE Centricity and Cerner. For other anesthesia systems, a site will have to rely on their IT team to build an extract to MPOG and plan on devoting an extra 2.5x the development effort (75%).

Estimated FTE Requirements to for MPOG Implementation:

Clinical Team
Development Team
Project Management
Implementation of Interface (6 months)

Estimated software/ hardware costs:

Computer Equipment and SoftwareEstimated Costs
Microsoft SQL server 2012 site license or newer$5,000
SQL Server 2012 Local Database and Virtual Machine$8,000
Application Server - Internal$4,000
Application Server - DMZ$4,000

If you are a hospital located in the State of Michigan hospital you may be eligible to receive funding from Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan.  For more information on funding opportunities and application deadlines, please see the Michigan Hospitals page.


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