Tiers of Service

For sites outside the state of Michigan, MPOG requires a yearly fee schedule to defray staff costs at the Coordinating Center.  The fee schedule will be comprised of the following tiers based on each site’s level of participation: 


Tier 1: MPOG Analytics, $10,000

Tier 1 sites will be provided technical infrastructure to submit data to MPOG, conduct data analysis, and participate in MPOG scholarly activities.  Sites will have access to use DataDirect (see example to the left) for cohort identification and data download.

Tier 2: MPOG Analytics + Departmental QI, $15,000

Tier 2 sites participate in everything with Tier 1, plus practice leaders will have access to the institutional QI Reporting Tool (see example to the right), and participate in the Quality Committee.

Tier 3: MPOG Analytics + Department QI + Monthly Provider Feedback, $15,000 + $100 per provider capped at 100 providers or $25,000 maximum

 In addition to Tier 1 and 2 activities, Tier 3 sites also receive monthly individual provider feedback e-mails (see example to the left).  Tier 3 also enables sites to offer MOCA 2.0 ® Part 4: Quality Improvement credit to their providers.

ABA MOCA 2.0® Part 4

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