Clinician Educational Resources

This page provides resources which clinicians may find useful during their preparation for and participation in the THRIVE trial


We have developed videos to aid clinicians and researchers throughout the THRIVE trial.


Supplementary tables which provide suggested dosing for THRIVE, as well as relevant pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic information for propofol TIVA and other anesthetic drugs such as opioids, can be found here.


This review article published in Canadian Journal of Anesthesia in 2020 is helpful in providing an overview of and introduction to electroencephalogram brain monitoring during general anesthesia. 

ICE Tap is an international website which provides numerous modules on EEG waveforms interpretation during anesthesia care clinical decision making, and case studies. 

Additional information can be found on the EEG for Anesthesia YouTube channel, which provides six separate 5-minute learning modules on EEG waveforms under various anesthesia agents.

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