Research Inititiatives

MPOG combines data with other sources such as surveys and mobile health data (PROSPER) to serve as a platform for enhanced observational studies (EOS) and clinical Trials (IMPACT).

Multicenter Clinical Trials

The Initiative for Multicenter Pragmatic Anesthesiology Clinical Trials (IMPACT) was established by leaders of academic anesthesiology organizations that recognized there was a need to conduct large pragmatic trials in order to answer important questions.

Enhanced Observational Study

The Enhanced Observational Study (EOS) integrate existing MPOG automated data collection infrastructure with focused, prospective observational data collection. Participating sites will dedicate a two-to-four week period to shift existing personnel and collect additional data.

Mobile Health Data: PROSPER

The PROspective Study of Perioperative Experience and Recovery is a research study to understand how surgery can affect quality of life for patients. The PROSPER uses data from your smart phone combined with surveys to help provide researchers with this information.
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