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Initiative for Multicenter Pragmatic Anesthesiology Clinical Trials (IMPACT)

This award was established by leaders of academic anesthesiology organizations that recognized there was a need to conduct large pragmatic trials in order to answer important questions in anesthesiology-related research.

Although there are several successful anesthesiology clinical trial networks around the world, there is no collaborative network in the United States. In an initial attempt to address this important opportunity, a consortium of academic anesthesiology organizations launched an initiative in 2018 to stimulate pragmatic research in the US. in collaboration with our colleagues in Canada (PACT) and elsewhere.

This effort was conceptualized and endorsed by organizations, which have as a common goal the advancement of knowledge in anesthesiology and the enhancement of care in perioperative medicine, critical care, pain management, and peri- and post-partum care. These organizations included:

IMPACT Program, Sunday, May 19, 2019, Montreal Canada

Please join us for the second Initiative for Multicenter Pragmatic Anesthesiology Clinical Trials (IMPACT) program in Montreal on Sunday, May 19, 2019 during the IARS, AUA, and SOCCA Annual meetings.

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2018 Recipients


Trial: Optimized Opioid Management or Usual Treatment to Reduce Persistent Opioid Use Following Surgery (OPT-OUT)
PI: Dr. Michael Aziz, MD
PI Site: Oregon Health and Science University


Trial: Individualized Intraoperative Protective Ventilation using an Open Lung Approach with Driving Pressure Limitation
PI: Dr. Randal Blank, MD, PhD
Institution: University of Virginia School of Medicine


Trial: Intraoperative Normoxia versus Hyperoxia during Maintenance Anesthesia to Reduce Postoperative Complications
PI: Frederic T. (Josh) Billings, MD, MSCI
PI Site: Vanderbilt University Medical Center