MPOG Research

The goal of MPOG research is to accelerate outcomes research, investigate perioperative adverse events and publish in high impact journals and informatic forums to advance knowledge and improve patient care.  MPOG supports a wide range of research projects.

Descriptive / Exploratory Studies

Leveraging the vast array of data available across centers, we enable studies describing the current state of anesthesiology practices



MPOG provides granular details within the intraoperative anesthesia record and periopative data including risk factors and outcomes



MPOG provides researchers with tools to execute multivariable analyses, associating perioperative practice patterns with postoperative care

On a selective basis, MPOG additionally supports competitive high-impact projects

Enhanced Observational Research

Execute “enhanced” observational studies across member centers that integrates existing MPOG automated data collection infrastructure with focused, prospective observational data collection

Pragmatic Clinical


Partnering with IARS to conduct large pragmatic trials in order to answer important questions in anesthesiology-related research.