Quality - MOCA®


ASPIRE is thrilled to offer eligible providers MOCA® Part IV credit for completing the provider email feedback program.  Providers who attest to reviewing their feedback email and case information on a monthly basis for 12 months are eligible to receive up to 25 points. ASPIRE will compare the initial 12 month performance for each measure selected to the performance at the end of the evaluation period to determine total number of points to be awarded. A provider can select a maximum of 5 measures and will receive 5 points per measure. To receive the full 5 points per measure, the provider must attest to reviewing the feedback email and either show improvement in that measure or maintain performance above threshold. Information on MOCA® Part IV from the ABA website.

Please note:  Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology Program® and MOCA® are registered certification marks of The American Board of Anesthesiology®.  Providers must already participate in MPOG’s provider email feedback program through their institution.

Fee: $150 to be paid upon enrollment.  This is to cover administrative costs to maintain our MOCA® program.

For more information on the attestation process, please review the MOCA®  Attestation Guide.