Measure Review Process

To ensure our measures are relevant and follow the latest guidelines, below is an overview of our review process.  


  • MPOG QI measures need to be reviewed to stay current and relevant
  • MPOG QI measures may be “topped out” or no longer relevant for QI, and should be retired
  • Should reflect latest evidence and consensus of the MPOG Quality Committee
  • MPOG Experts have tremendous experience and expertise that should be leveraged
  • All MPOG measures should be reviewed every three years


  • Coordinating Center created a review schedule for all measures
  • Coordinating Center requests MPOG Quality Champions and other MPOG members to sign up for measure review(s) and will assign measures based on area of expertise 
  • Reviewers will make one of the following recommendations (with supporting information):
      1. Continue measure as is
      2. Modify measure
      3. Retire measure


  • Coordinating Center will not assign more than two measures per reviewer
  • Coordinating Center may assign multiple members for a single measure or group of measures
  • Reviewers will be de facto members of MPOG Quality Improvement Measure Workgroup
  • Coordinating Center team will assist reviewers as necessary to complete review process


  • Reviewers will research the assigned measure(s) and populate the measure review template. 
  • Reviewers will then provide a brief presentation at a Quality Committee meeting with recommendations based on their measure review 
For any inquiries please email