Congratulations to Our New MPOG Associate Research Directors

Congratulations to  Robert Schonberger, MD, MHS and Douglas Colquhoun, MBChB, MPH, for their appointments to serve as MPOG Associate Research Directors. As reviewed and approved by the MPOG Executive Board, Drs. Schonberger and Colquhoun will take new MPOG research leadership roles.

Dr. Robert Schonberger is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at the Yale School of Medicine and currently serves as the Director of the Yale Research Scholars Program and Interim Vice Chair of Anesthesiology Research. Dr. Douglas Colquhoun is an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of Michigan, and currently serves as the Director of the UM Anesthesiology Clinical Research Committee.

Both Drs. Schonberger and Colquhoun have successfully published in high-impact academic journals using MPOG data, enabled integration of surgical registry data with MPOG, and served as a PCRC Moderators to provide feedback to others developing MPOG research projects.

Through their new roles as MPOG Associate Research Directors, Drs. Schonberger and Colquhoun will join the MPOG central research team in:

Drs. Schonberger and Colquhoun will also aid in fostering the MPOG scientific community, through:

  • Supporting MPOG/Surgical Registry Integration efforts
  • Developing and moderating MPOG-based panels at national meetings
  • Facilitating the development of sponsored research grants
  • Partnering with leaders of academic anesthesiology organizations to advance perioperative outcomes research

We welcome Drs. Schonberger and Colquhoun to their new roles and look forward to their guidance in transforming real-world perioperative health data into actionable knowledge!

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