Anesthesiology Performance Improvement and Reporting Exchange (ASPIRE)

ASPIRE is the quality improvement arm of the MPOG.  Our goal is to improve the care of patients undergoing anesthesia by reducing unexplained variation in practice and collaborating with anesthesia providers to define best practices.   Participating sites work together to build quality measures, review best practices, and exchange ideas for improving patient outcomes.


Michigan Hospitals

Hospitals in the state of Michigan who are currently funded or interested in receiving BCBSM funding to join MPOG​

ASPIRE Measures

ASPIRE has developed numerous quality measures, spanning several anesthesia care domains​

Quality Resources

MPOG Suite, DataDirect / MQUARK user guides, maintenance schedule, and failed case review templates


Avoiding Respiratory Complications. Perioperative Transfusion Stewardship, and Surgical Site Infection


MPOG is excited to offer MOCA® Part 4 credit for eligible providers from MPOG participating institutions