April 2023 Upgrade

Active MPOG sites should have received the MPOG Suite upgrades in April 2023.  If your site did not receive the upgrade, please contact MPOG Support

Variable Mapper

  • Added filter dropdown based on mapped concept type
  • Certain mapping types are no longer excludable
  • Added a column for MPOG concept ID
  • MRN is now available for administrations and staff mapping types

Case Viewer

  • Added prev / next buttons in the note viewer to make navigating through notes easier
  • Can now open cases from case search in a new tab (via right-click)

Case Validation

  • Validation now support random case selection without having to have completed Location Mapping first

Location Mapping

  • Added a new location type “Building”
  • Fixed a bug in which the setup wizard would have a spinning cursor and would not respond
  • Fixed a bug in which rooms appeared as “Unspecified”
  • Fixed some permissions missing on certain procedures

NSQIP Import Utility

  • Files are now be importable with no manual editing of the files required
  • Added additional logging

STS Import Utility

  • Added additional logging

Import Manager Assistant

  • Added a toggle to hide module that have not received data for over 12 months


  • Removed auto-update functionality from application suite to better synchronize back-end/front-end upgrades
  • Fixed a truncation bug with the lab consume process
  • Fixed a bug in which under specific conditions the consume scheduling would repeat the same items
  • Fixed a bug in which variable mappings could trigger handoffs for the wrong modules
For any inquiries please email