May 2022 Upgrade

Active MPOG sites should have received the MPOG Suite upgrades in May 2022.  If your site did not receive the upgrade, please contact MPOG Support

Release Notes

Case Validation

  • Added location filter to the case selection window
  • Added a one-minute tolerance to account for fluids that began the same minute as anesthesia end
  • For questions regarding “bolus” medications, added a clarification that bolus refers to non-infusion medications

Case Viewer

  • Zooming and panning the main chart has been changed
    • Click and drag will highlight and zoom which part of the graph to zoom into
    • Middle mouse drag to pan left or right
    • Scroll-wheel now scrolls the chart list
  • Added a room tag filter to case search
  • Added an alternating row contrast to the record panel when displaying lists
  • Split flowsheet section in main chart into several new sections
  • Data fields in the record panel (yellow area on right) are now selectable and copyable
  • The fast case lookup field (top left) now supports searching by the AIMS Case ID
  • Added cardiopulmonary bypass to the times section
  • Fixed a bug where some billing procedure codes under the administrative tab where incorrectly displayed as case-linked
  • Fixed a bug where an ASA status from a deleted preop note was displayed in the top banner
  • Removed surgical diagnosis from the surgical history section in the H&P
  • Record search now also supports comma delimiters in addition to pipes (|)
  • Updated PONV section to include concepts used in PONV04 and PONV05
  • Updated PAIN section with new concepts

Data Diagnostics

  • Added the option to turn off hardware acceleration when using the suite. This can be found in the suite “About” window
    • This should help some users having graph rendering issues in data diagnostics
  • Removed case “failure” highlighting from certain diagnostics and updated their descriptions for better clarity
  • The case drill-down window now lists OR room for each case

STS Import 

  • Reduced time needed to import files

Variable Mapping

  • Added a “skip” mapping option to indicate which variables are intentionally left unmapped
  • Added a window to view which variable mappings don’t match MPOG-supplied pre-mappings
  • The “Examine” window now also includes the organization field. Also, if a specific organization is selected the window will filter to that organization
  • Removed the “mapping direction” option
  • Removed double-clicking on the left variable table causing the selected variables to map (double-clicking on the right table still works)
For any inquiries please email