MPOG Tools

Applications to aid in the management and analysis of MPOG data for research and quality improvement

DataDirect allows users to create queries using data submitted to MPOG. The tool provides filters for identifying a specific cohort of patients and allows for users to download a sample file with the appropriate approvals. Researchers can use DataDirect to identify patient, case, and institution counts for the cohort they are interested in studying. Quality Champions can generate a list of patients to audit outcomes or processes of case.

Active sites must obtain permissions to use DataDirect and fill out the DataDirect Affidavit.

Link to DataDirect
DataDirect Affidavit
DataDirect User Guide

A comprehensive, searchable list of MPOG concepts available for institution variable mapping. Active sites can also receive a login that allows them access the counts by institution for each individual concept ID. 

Link to Concept Browser
Concept Browser User Guide

MPOG uses shareable, pre-computed phenotypes to transform messy real-world heath data into structured, clinically useful inferences. A comprehensive list and detailed specifications of all phenotypes are available for MPOG research and quality improvement.

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Displays performance of key process and outcome quality measures relevant to anesthesia practices at the departmental and individual provider levels.

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An application used to export an organized report of detailed information to aid in analysis of cases based on measure result (passed, flagged, excluded) for a given time period.

Link to Quality Case Reports
Quality Case Report User’s Guide

Allows institutions to update individual provider information for the purposes of sending monthly feedback e-mails. MPOG requires first name, last name, email address and NPI to participate in receiving provider feedback emails.

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Provider Contact User’s Guide

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