January 2023 Upgrade

Active MPOG sites should have received the MPOG Suite upgrade package.  If your site has not received the upgrade or needs assistance, please contact MPOG Support

Release Notes

  • Location Mapping
      • Major revision in functionality
      • Locations now include a type to better clarify what they are
      • Added a wizard function to help guide new sites in creating their hierarchy
      • Added function to export location hierarchy data for central review
  • Case Viewer
      • Updated list of concepts used in H&P section
      • Fixed a bug where the time column was missing when attempting to copy certain notes
  • Variable Mapper
      • Changed label on “Export History” to “Mapping History”
      • MRN is now available as a column in the “Examine” screen
      • Fixed a bug in which “Skipped” variables behaved like “Excluded” ones
  • Data Diagnostics
      • Added a “Neuraxial or Regional Block Placed” diagnostic
      • Added a “Cardiopulmonary Bypass” diagnostic
      • Removed “Labs Drawn During Anesthesia” diagnostic
      • Removed “Induction End” diagnostic
  • Case Validation
      • Fixed a bug where certain records could be displayed in multiple sections if they were documented on a section time boundary
      • Clarified wording on fluid questions
      • Added a validation question for anesthesia fellows
  • NSQIP/Registry Import
      • Added additional aliases for key patient columns
      • Performance improvements
  • Import Utility
      • Added an exclusion to skip “PART” files
For any inquiries please email