First Steps

We are excited that you are interested in joining MPOG!  Now that you have submitted your application, this page outlines the next three steps to implement MPOG at your institution. Please note, the implementation package below includes an MPOG Import Manager Playbook specific to your anesthesia system. This is an overview of the entire implementation process and we recommend you review the playbook. 

Your technical team will start working on File Checker.  This application scans the data files intended for MPOG and validates if they adhere to the provided specification. If there are any violations, it will report the file name, row number, and description of the failure. Additionally, File Checker is a standalone application that can run on any Windows workstation and does not need the MPOG framework to be installed. This allows sites to get quick and accurate feedback on their extract development without the expense of server hardware or SQL Server licensing.  

There are two versions of the implementation package below.  MPOG worked with the Epic technical team to create an Epic specific playbook that is located on their Userweb (link included in the .zip file below). If your institution utilizes any other anesthesia system, a general MPOG Import Manager playbook is located in that implementation package. 

Please contact support@mpog.zendesk.com with any questions.

In order for the Coordinating Center to better understand how your site is organized, sites must complete an intake form. This form is required for all sites applying for MPOG membership.

Please submit both the completed File Checker results and the Intake Form to support@zendesk.com.

Once your technical team completes File Checker, the next step will be to upload the data to your local server. Depending on your institution, this can be a long process, so you should start while you’re working on File Checker.  

The servers can be stand alone or virtual servers. See the Server Requirements document.

Please contact support@mpog.zendesk.com with any questions.

While your technical team is working on File Checker and obtaining the servers, we recommend you submit the Business Associate Agreement to your regulatory / contracts office.  This may take some time to complete and is required to be completed prior to the next steps of the technical implementation. 

For questions on the BAA, contact Tory Lacca

Implementation Package

Depending on the anesthesiology information system your institution uses, you will either choose Epic or Other Information Systems, including:  Cerner, Pics, Centricity, and any other anesthesia system. 


For institutions using Epic, click the button below to download a .zip file that includes the File Checker User Guide, File Checker software, MPOG Import Manager File Specification and a link to the Epic MPOG Import Manager Playbook located in their Galaxy Userweb.

Other Information Systems

For institutions using any other anesthesia system beside Epic, click the button below to download a .zip file that includes the File Checker User Guide, File checker software, MPOG Import Manager File Specification and the MPOG Import Manager Playbook.