April 2021 Upgrade

Active MPOG sites should have received the MPOG Suite upgrades in April 2021.  If your site did not receive the upgrade, please contact MPOG Support

Release Notes

Case Validation

Added question regarding COVID-19 test
Updated surgery start question to include concept 50235
Updated regional/block question’s concept list
Updated some questions to verify preop/postop data is not present (question would previously be not asked)
Fixed a bug where reviewing validation would not filter to the selected month

Case Viewer

Added a search filter for ICD code
Added descriptions for anesthesia relevant ICD / CPT codes (other codes may be missing descriptions)
Added a column in the administrative section to clarify which codes are linked directly to the case vs just linked to the patient
Added a button to jump to day of surgery in record search section
Added new search operators in record search to filter over specific fields
Added the “Value Code” field to the note panel
Added “Value Code” to the included fields for record search
“Infusion” fluids are now displayed correctly in the measure sections
Fixed a bug in the case duration calculation in the top banner


Added new Air Flows diagnostic
Added new OB diagnostic
Updated intubation diagnostic to include entered time if observed time is unavailable
Updated concept list for various diagnostics
Updated billing diagnostic date matching logic
Fixed a display bug in the previous attestation graph window
Import Manager Assistant
Fixed a bug where not all modules were available in the log dropdown

Location Mapping

Added new tags
Added tooltips to some tags to clarify their meaning

STS Import

Added support for imported renamed files
Fixed several bugs causing import to fail

Transfer App

Updated selection window to simplify choices, removed modularity
Updated progress window to make upload errors more obvious

Variable Mapping

Added ability to search by mapped concept
Added ability to export full mapping history
Updated instance dropdown to remember the last used selection
Fixed a bug where examining a unit of administration would not show the correct sample data
Fixed a bug when searching for variable ids.

Import Manager Infrastructure

Added option to force handoff processing to go in strict reverse chronological order
Improved handoff priority assignment in some circumstances
Updated the variable consistency process to only apply to never mapped variables

For any inquiries please email