Quality Committee & Subcommittees

MPOG QI is governed by the Quality Committee and Subcommittees that are comprised of providers and QI experts from across the US and Europe.

Quality Committee

This group meets both electronically and in-person at collaborative meetings to review and determine the feasibility of new measure proposals and all other quality improvement efforts. If you are an anesthesia provider and your organization is interested in learning more about MPOG QI, please contact the Coordinating Center to join.

Quality Committee

Cardiac Subcommittee

This group meets electronically once per quarter to discuss the development of cardiac-specific quality improvement measures. If you are a cardiac anesthesiologist and have questions or would be interested in joining the Cardiac Subcommittee, please contact Dr. Allison Janda

[Link to Cardiac Sub Page]

Obstetric Subcommittee

This committee of anesthesiologists around the country meets quarterly via web conferencing. Topics of discussion include development of obstetric specific ASPIRE measures and modifications to general measures to accommodate OB procedures. This group provides expert opinion to inform ASPIRE work. For more information or to join the Obstetric Subcommittee, please contact Brooke Szymanski-Bogart

[Link to OB Sub-page]

Pediatrics Subcommittee

This subgroup meets electronically once per quarter to discuss modifications to the existing ASPIRE measures for the pediatric population. If you are a pediatric anesthesiologist and have questions or would like to join the Pediatric Subcommittee, please contact Meridith Bailey.  

Pediatrics Sub-Committee

For any inquiries please email