Quality - Provider Feedback

Why am I receiving this?

Your institution has enrolled with ASPIRE in order to receive institution- and provider-level feedback. Each anesthesia provider at your organization (attendings, CRNAs, residents, and anesthesia assistants) will receive feedback regarding your institution’s overall performance as well as provider-specific performance. Please contact your local ASPIRE quality improvement champion if you have any additional questions regarding your institution’s ASPIRE activities.

How were these measures chosen?

The measures contained within your email were derived by an evidence-based, multicenter, collaborative process. Each institution in ASPIRE has one or more representatives to the ASPIRE Quality Improvement committee. Reporting on these areas was deemed as high-impact concerns for the field of anesthesiology by this committee. Please contact your local ASPIRE quality improvement champion to see how you can contribute to this collaborative process.

How are these measures defined?

On the ASPIRE measures page, there is a one page definition (“one pager”) of each measure that explains what the passing criteria is as well as inclusion criteria.

A more detailed technical specification is also available on the same page.

Does anyone else have access to these results?

None of your peer-colleagues or other ASPIRE centers have access to identifiable provider specific reporting and metrics. However, your ASPIRE quality improvement champion may have access to this data in their institutional capacity.

I believe my report is inaccurate. Who do I contact?

Please contact your ASPIRE ACQR or QI Champion with any suspected inaccuracies. Please include relevant information such as your name, the measure, and operation identifiers (MPOG Case ID would be ideal). This information will make identifying potential issues much easier.

Can I opt out of receiving these reports?

As long as you are an active anesthesia provider at an ASPIRE member location you will continue to receive periodic performance reports.

If you no longer an active provider or you believe you have mistakenly received a performance report, please contact support@mpog.zendesk.com and our support team will help you to remove you from our mailing list.

How do I login to ASPIRE?

Your user id is your institutional email address. For example, yourid@med.umich.edu. Your password will be specific to the ASPIRE quality reporting website.

To view a document detailing the login process step-by-step, click here.