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Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan – Blues Perspective

September 2015

The Future of Healthcare Could Tailor Treatments to Patients’ DNA


American Society of Anesthesiologist Newsletter

December 2014

The Data Is the Beginning, Not the End, how the Collaborative Quality Initiatives (CQIs) funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan (BCBSM) Value Partnership have transformed the pay-provider relationship in Michigan.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Press Release

30 September 2014

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network have launched a collaboration among hospitals across the state to improve anesthesiology practices, reduce anesthesiology-related complications and improve patient outcomes.

Press Release

DBusiness Journal News Release

30 September 2014

“We’re going to look at every anesthesiology care process to develop safer systems and recommended guidelines for anesthesiology care,” says Dr. Sachin Kheterpal, Project Director.

DBusiness Daily News

Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists

29 August 2014

Anesthesiology Performance Improvement and Reporting Exchange (ASPIRE) announcement in Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists (MSA) Newsletter

Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists ASPIRE Announcement