Join - Funding (Michigan Hospitals)

Funding Michigan Hospitals

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) and MPOG launched a collaboration in 2015 to improve anesthesiology practices, reduce anesthesiology-related complications and improve patient outcomes across the state of Michigan. This collaboration includes funding for Michigan hospitals who join our QI Initiative, the Anesthesiology Performance Improvement and Reporting Exchange (ASPIRE).
Hospitals that use an anesthesia information management system (AIMS) and have engaged departmental, IT, and hospital leaders are eligible to receive funding.

Recruitment Period
The ASPIRE Recruitment period runs from June – August. The ASPIRE coordinating center will schedule a meeting with each hospital interested in participating to determine eligibility. New members are announced in September.

Cohort Start Date
New cohorts officially start January 1 of the following year and will receive their first payment from BCBSM in mid-January. Although the official membership date starts in January, new sites will be expected to start preparing for implementation of the data extract to MPOG prior to the official start date.

Important Date Ranges

June - AugustASPIRE Recruitment
  • Submit application
  • Intake meeting with MPOG
September - DecemberPreparation for implementation
  • Kick off meeting with MPOG
  • Obtain servers
  • Hire Anesthesiology Clinical Quality Review (ACQR)
January - JuneCohort Start
  • Weekly technical meetings
  • Receive first BCBSM payment
  • Technical implementation of MPG and upload to MPOG Central Repository
JuneReceive second BCBSM payment
July / AugustReceive first individual monthly provider reports
SeptemberMPOG Site Visit

Year One Estimated Reimbursements

Computer Equipment and SoftwarePrimary SiteSecondary Site
SQL Server 2012 local database and virtual machine$8,000$2,000
SQL Server 2012 Site license (if no site license available through your hospital)$5,000 or $0$0
Professional fee billing company reimbursement
(funds to obtain professional fee data from billing company)
Site Hospital IT to deploy EHR interface$40,000$10,000
Total first year capital reimbursement$56,000 or $51,000$13,000

PersonnelPrimary SiteSecondary Site
ACQR Tier 1: 0.4 FTE funded at 100% $35,000 - $43,000$35,000 - $43,000
ACQR Tier 2: 0.8 FTE funded at 100%$70,000 - $86,000$70,000 - $86,000

Estimated Ongoing Reimbursements – Year 2 and Beyond

 Primary SiteSecondary Site
Hospital IT maintenance of data interface$8,000$2,000
ACQR Tier 1: 0.4 FTE funded at 100%, based on 0 - 70,000 cases per year$35,000 - $43,000$35,000 - $43,000
ACQR Tier 2: 0.8 FTE funded at 100%, based on 70,000+ cases per year$70,000 - $86,000$70,000 - $86,000