Clinical Trials Network - Dr. Mike Aziz

Proposal Overview

Trial: Optimized opioid management or usual treatment to reduce persistent opioid use following surgery

PI: Michael Aziz, MD

PI Site: Oregon Health and Science University

We propose a large, pragmatic, multi-center randomized control trial to evaluate the effectiveness of an opioid prescription team versus usual care on post-operative opioid consumption and pain following surgery.  The target patient population is opioid naïve, presenting for elective surgery, with planned discharge home.  All patients will receive some baseline education regarding opioid management and proper disposal through a take-back program.  Patients in the intervention group will have their opioid prescription and pain management guided by a dedicated multidisciplinary team utilizing a shared decision making model with a goal to minimize opioid consumption.  Patients in the control arm will have their pain and prescriptions managed by their primary team according to usual care.  Follow up in all groups will occur via a mobile application software with study endpoints defined at 30 and 60 days.

Contact Information

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