Research - Clinical Trials Network / IMPACT

The Inauguration of the Clinical Trials Network / Initiative for Multicenter Perioperative Clinical Trials (IMPACT)

With support from leaders of multiple national anesthesiology organizations, including AUA, FAER, IARS, SOCCA and eSAS, the Initiative for Multicenter Perioperative Clinical Trials (IMPACT) was unveiled at the 2018 IARS conference.  This exciting initiative was created to submit research proposals to top-tier funding agencies such as the NIH and PCORI, and help investigators conduct approved trials.  Similar initiatives have been previously implemented in Canada, Australia, and Europe, and now for the first time, in the U.S.

There were three proposals selected at the 2018 IARS meeting in May.  Each proposal will receive $15,000 in seed funds for grant preparation.  MPOG will provide the multi-site infrastructure necessary for this collaborative approach to Anesthesiology clinical and translational research.  For more information on the submission process see the Call for Letters of Intent.



Trial: Optimized Opioid Management or Usual Treatment to Reduce Persistent Opioid Use Following Surgery (OPT-OUT)
PI: Dr. Michael Aziz, MD
PI Site: Oregon Health and Science University


Trial: Individualized Intraoperative Protective Ventilation using an Open Lung Approach with Driving Pressure Limitation
PI: Dr. Randal Blank, MD, PhD
Institution: University of Virginia School of Medicine


Trial: Intraoperative Normoxia versus Hyperoxia during Maintenance Anesthesia to Reduce Postoperative Complications
PI: Frederic T. (Josh) Billings, MD, MSCI
PI Site: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

The MPOG team would like to congratulate Drs. Aziz, Billings and Blank!  We look forward to working with them on their proposals.

Please note, if you were unable to submit a proposal this year or have a great idea, we anticipate having another round of proposals in 2019. Keep checking the MPOG website for more information.